The Creed

This is to be spoken with conviction at the beginning of each day. Let it be a guide for your conduct aspirations as you make your way through the world.

Mysterious is the beginning of all things:
We aspiring Kalos kagathos greet this day
in awe of Chaos,
from which came forth Night and Day,
Mother Earth and Desire.
As void gave birth to form,
we will live a life of choice amidst a world of chance.
We will guard our friendships.
We will seek wisdom.
We will be useful.
We will love fiercely.
We will control our tongues.
We will praise what is beautiful and good.
We will safeguard the innocent.
We will struggle against weakness.
We will weather the waves that crash upon us.
We will learn to love the darkness of the unknown
as much as the light of dawn.
And when the end comes we will meet it
without sorrow.


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